Perfect Your Patio in One Weekend

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed of your back yard space, then it’s probably time to pull out the rake and the trimmers and get to work, especially if the area that you thought you had months to prepare needs to host a party or houseguests within a short amount of time. Take these few simple steps and perfect your patio in just one short weekend.

  1. Begin by removing everything from the patio area. Take stock of the items that you have, and what needs to be replaced. Reuse or repurpose what you can salvage and dispose or store the rest of the items. This is a quick way to reduce clutter and take inventory of what you need in order to reclaim your patio space.
  2. Give the patio a thorough washing. A power wash will help remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated, and reveal any cracks or missing concrete that needs attending.
  3. Determine how you will likely need to use the space.  If you want that dining room San Diego homes often feature that spills out into an outdoor space, then try to visualize what you’ll need to acquire in order to create it. Some SoCal homeowners prefer to have an outdoor kitchen so that they can spend more time under the sun. You may also want to incorporate a family area so that visiting children can play within sight. Once you have determined the function of your space, mentally map out the appropriate zones.
  4. Next, acquire your patio pieces. Once you have established the various zones that you will need to create, visit local San Diego furniture stores to stock up on the items that you’ve mentally placed there. Many San Diego homes feature bright and vibrant colors that stand out within homes that are made of a neutral stucco. Pick out matching end tables, patio furniture, swings, a grill and additional furniture pieces.
  5.  Stock up on accessories such as outdoor dishes, seat cushions, and accent plants. This combination of items will make the patio seem more like an extension of your home, and less like an unused outdoor space. Consider hanging a ceiling fan from the rafters or ceiling to help circulate the air on hot summer days to get more time dedicated to the outdoors.
With a little elbow grease, a solid plan and some quick shopping, you can easily transform a neglected patio space into a beautiful and useful outdoor extension of your home.
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